QuakeI / II / III for S60 3rd edition FP1

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A new version for all engines and nofpu versions of glquake and quake2. Some bugfixes, and added also the bluetooth mouse/keyboard support for Q1/QW/Q2. See appropriate changelogs for exact details.


Apparently Samsung Innov8 does have 3d hardware acceleration, but it does not have FPU or it's not enabled, go figure. Anyway, compiled a version of Quake3 without fpu options which seems to cure the issue on Samsung phones. As a side effect it might be possible that the game can actually run on some other devices with software OpenGL provided that the device has enough RAM. Be warned though, without proper hardware acceleration, the game will be ultra slow... Available from the download page.


Quake 3 Arena is here, featuring support for bluetooth keyboard / mouse support. Also unlike with previous Quake ports, with this one you can even run a server on the phone :P So head to the download page to get it and be sure to read the installation instructions carefully from the installation page. And donations are still welcome ;)

This one is for N95 8gb, N82 and E90 only...


Updated Quake II to 1.01. Fixes the language problems (white screen, no sound when phone language is not english). Also added option to use full screen antialiasing with the OpenGL renderer. Change under "Video" menu. Unfortunately the language fix breaks savegame compatibility with v.1.00, hopefully this does not happen again.


Seems that atleast one nasty defect slipped in to the initial version of Quake II, seems that it will not work with certain languages. If you are experiencing the "white screen on startup" problem, try changing the phone language to english,


Quake II online, both software and hardware renderers in the same package. This time only for phones with FPU, I will consider doing one for phones without fpu in the future. Also N95-1 users can only use the software renderer as the OpenGL renderer will need more memory than it has. Needles to say, that you still need to update to firmware 2.x.x.x in order to play even with the software renderer.


Forgot to mention that the GLQuake requires about 28 megabytes of free RAM. So in order to run it properly on the N95 classic, you need to close all other applications. Also it sometimes seems to help if you quit/restart the game.


New release, and also full hardware accelerated GLquake for phones for capable phones. Boy that's something that the game should have looked like from the beginning :-). Also it is now possible to play atleast the official mission packs. Have a look at the installation page/changelog for more information.


Fixed a couple of issues on E90. Softkeys now work again and the not working on cover screen issue has been solved. If you don't have E90, you have no need to update. The latest firmware update fixed the FPU issue on E90, so the choose your version accordingly


Version 1.02 is out. Some fixes, and decided finally to release the QuakeWorld client also. Not due to massive amount of donations received, but because it makes life easier to make a new release by not having to get rid of the QW sources in the source tree. You can still make a donation to support the development though.


Version 1.01 is out. No new features, but slightly more speed and a fix to the slider issues in options menu. Also loading/saving should now work properly. If you had a savegame problem, be aware that the previous version actually corrupted the save file, so saves from previous version still do not work. A big thanks for the people who reported these problems and tested the fixes.


I guess that the title says it all. This is a port of the infamous first person shooter for the S60 3rd Edition FP1 based phones. The only thing that is not working is network play, but I did not see it really very important feature as I already have a working QuakeWorld client which works much better in a mobile network(and in general is better multiplayer game..). So just hunt a Quake datafile and head to the download area to get the binaries..